Paula van der Oest
Moniek Kramer, Tijs van marle
Marwan Kenzari, Barry Atsma, Fedja van Huêt, ...

Ten-year-old TIMO has MoyaMoya, a deadly brain disease. That’s why Timo acts so strange and distant and why he gets bullied at school which makes everything even more unbearable. Luckily he still has Kite, the dog who once saved Timo’s life and has since been his only anchor and support. Every day Timo looks forward to being greeted, in the morning and after school, by the wagging tail of his friend.
Timo’s world collapses when one morning Kite has disappeared. At school he quickly discovers that several of his classmates are in similar circumstances. Even the dog of his nemesis, JESSY (10) has suffered the same fate. Timo decides -despite his illness- to go and investigate. When, during his escape attempt, he is discovered by Jessy, they decide to join forces.

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