Transport XX

Paula van der Oest
Moniek Kramer, Tijs van marle
Marwan Kenzari, Barry Atsma, Fedja van Huêt, ...

1943. Belgium is occupied by the Germans. Jews are obliged to wear a yellow star on their coats when on the street. Many people live hidden with little or no means of support. Some of them organize some kind of resistance.
The 22-year-old Regine Krochmal, together with her friends, distributes anti-Nazi propaganda for the Austrian Resistance.
At a party she sees the 25-year Youra Livschitz. Head over heels she falls in love with the handsome young man. He does not seem to notice her.
Youra’s brother Alexander is active in a resistance movement. Although Youra is against the use of violence, he helps Alexander with a number of acts of sabotage. They first hear the name of an unknown Polish village Auschwitz on Radio Moscow. They realize that the name “Arbeits Transports” from the Dossin barracks is just a cover. Youra draws up a plan to sabotage the next convoy.

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