Lucia de B. tells the story of a 40-year-old, headstrong nurse. After a series of inexplicable deaths at the hospital where she works, Lucia is brought in for questioning and eventually arrested when the authorities suspect foul play. The one thing that these patients have in common is that they died during Lucia’s shifts. Young and ambitious District Attorney Judith (32) learns about the case, which seems to be open and shut. Moreover, the case is very high profile, because the patients Lucia is alleged to have killed are helpless babies and terminally ill elderlies. When the case attracts the media’s attention, Lucia is quickly dubbed “Angel of Death”. After a short trial, the nurse is sentenced to life in prison. Not long after the trial though, while still basking in her victory, new evidence comes to light that Judith simply cannot ignore. This evidence is so strong that if presented at the trial, Lucia couldn’t possibly have been convicted. She tries to build a new case in order to overturn Lucia’s conviction, but unexpected forces intervene in her quest for justice.